Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You are Faithful

In my impatience and my too-frequent desire for immediacy, it is easy to forget just how faithful the Lord is. I pray, and when my results aren't in-the-moment immediate, I often become discouraged or forgetful that the Lord even hears me. However, over and over again, I am humbled by the way He so clearly sees my needs, recognizes them, sees value in them, and seeks to satisfy them. We do not serve a God who looks on us as needy, high maintenance creatures. Instead, we are His children, and He desires to meet all our needs in the best ways possible.

Last night in a bible study we discussed Jesus' miracle where he turned water into wine at the wedding in Caanan. What has always struck me about this story is that Jesus didn't simply meet the need, providing the necessary wine. Instead, He provided a wine that was of such quality that the master of the feast complimented the host for saving the best wine for last. Jesus didn't jump into help at the first opportunity in this story, but when He did, He didn't do only what was needed. He went above and beyond the call to serve the guests and to bless the people who were there.

I see Him doing the same things in my life, though certainly not on so miraculous a scale as turning water into wine, when I am patient enough to let Him work. Answers to prayer start as a slow trickle, quickly turning into a deluge, and I soon find myself overwhelmed by His goodness and abundance. He can do so much more than I could ask or imagine, and yet I am so quick to forget His power and His willingness to move on my behalf.

Today I am remembering His faithfulness and praising His work in my life.

Today's Verse
Psalms 27: 13
Yet I am confident I will see the Lord's goodness while I am here in the land of the living.

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